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I'm actually not surprised, no Noskcaj: That's right, that's the program that they use to generate that data, and they apparently aren't running that on laptops. why would they care what the resolution is? arand, i found the data in the source. if there is no such data file, i could get someone to test the "check" scripts should be the tis check ok, i'm going to head to bed, someone who knows how to create an orig tarball please ping me Noskcaj: It's almost the same to me, and I'm happy to create an orig tarball, if you have that command handy. arand, you could also get someone who knows the right stuff to sponsor a ffe or a new release i'll run it now and when i wake up i'll have you the link Noskcaj: I guess do the best you can with it, hopefully things get better in the end :) arand, thanks. i'll create an original tarball and a ppa now Noskcaj: I guess it could just be a default profile, so no, not the same, unfortunately, but in the end not my call ;) Noskcaj: I guess the other fix is to use xconf instead of xorg.conf, which is even more broken than xorg.conf, so I'm not going to do that in here arand, do you think it would be possible to get an FFe for the later? Noskcaj: Most likely, if it's accepted at all, I guess. Noskcaj: Just be careful that it isn't somehow uploaded by mistake, I imagine that to be unlikely though. arand, ok, thanks pitti, i wasn't able to get my nvidia bug to get any traction in either #ubuntu-x or #



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Chevrolet Europe TIS 02.2011.rar rozramb

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